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Friday, 21 March 2014

We and Electronics

Humans have come to a long way. From generating fire by rubbing two stones to making handy I-pads, and reaching the world with just a click, electronics and internet has brought us way too forward in our life by holding our fingers and making us totally dependent on itself. Today be it a middle class family or some business tycoon, we all are slaves to electronics. Our day starts with some gadget and ends with other. Right from our bathroom to our kitchens, electronics have become our necessity.

Image Courtsey: www.riverstoneelectronics.com.au
Our very good friend- mobile phone is also a gift given to us by this electronically advance era, with which we can stay close to our loved ones living at some other corner of the globe.  Sending messages, playing games and GPS services are just an icing on the cake. The best part about this epoch is that these gadgets help us save lots of time and help us to stay entertained when we are free. Watching your favorite show series, to beating the heat by turning of Air-conditioners, chopping vegetables by using food processors to brewing your energetic cup of coffee, have you ever given a thought that how addictive we are to these machines?

 What really impresses me as a customer is the ability of small memory cards and pen drives to store more than 10-20 GB of information. Electronics without a doubt have raised our standards of living. Imagine living a life without electricity, mobile phones, computers, television, etc. just a thought of this has given you lot of tension and discomfort, right? But, don’t worry, as nobody is taking these facilities away from you. In fact we, humans are working continuously to make our life easier by bringing more advance gadgets in the market.

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