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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Five reasons why you should choose Kuch V

KuchV is the new gift given by technology to the people of Pakistan. Being the first company in the country to offer a search service through multi platforms, the company is already interesting many sellers to advertise their business through this search web site. With KuchV, sellers can reach their buyers through internet, mobile internet and telephone.

KuchV is a unique information idea brought into the forefront to benefit both- buyers as well as sellers. With strong brand recognition, the business is expected to maintain a very good position in the Pakistan’s local search market.

Here are some reasons which very well explain why KuchV is the new favorite among people these days-

Strong Brand Recognition
A perfect platform to reach buyers of your product. As KuchV is the first and only firm to provide online search service in Pakistan, it undoubtedly serves as a perfect stage to reach your buyer with more gist. Likewise, customers can also search for the products they have been looking for by using their cell phone or by making a single call.

Advanced Search 

Reasonably quick search is another reason why people must choose KuchV for their local searches, as it saves time and gives plenty of options to choose from.

Multiple platform/ Large scale 

The best part about KuchV search results is that you as a customer can access it with internet, mobile internet, phone call or SMS. Thus, you are not captive to a single source.

Efficient and Profitable Business Model

KuchV’s business model is intentionally designed to promote more and more cash flow, thus benefitting both, consumer and advertiser. While, its detailed database is derived after lots of study and investment which makes this model hard to be replicated. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Improving Health Care Conditions Today

With every day improvising technology, new developments are becoming habits in our lives. Online shopping websites, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, traveling, medical facilities, etc. everything is transforming and making our life much simpler and easier. This blog focuses on how our healthcare facilities have metamorphosed from being a terrifying experience to peaceful stay at hospitals.

Over the years, medical care facilities and the healthy healing environment have received lots of attention. There were days when the single word “hospital” use to paint our imaginary pictures with green and white interiors, painful injections, foul smell and a lot more. But,  today physicians are more focused towards providing a blissful stay at hospitals to their patients, which helps them to reduce stress and anxiety, while keeping them mentally and physically happy.

health care conditions in pakistan
Image courtsey : dol.ior.kit.edu
Not only hospitals, but small clinics are also starting to change and are constantly focusing on the wellbeing of the patient's mind, body and spirit.  This new initiative by healthcare facilities world-wide has managed to cure chronic diseases in a better way.  Not only physical alteration, but improvising cutting-edge technology and medical expertise also help patients to get better and heal fast.

If to be seen the recent statistics, the new technology and initiative taken by such medical institutes in creating a healthy environment for patients have reduced the death rate and has invented a cure for many diseases which never had any medical care in bygone eras. Thus, this new era is not only helping us to live long, but to live healthy and stress free is on the top most requirements in our lives today. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Eating Out- the New Trend

There were days when dining out once in a while with family and friends use to bring us a lot of excitement and merriment. But, with everything westernizing and people becoming more advanced, the trend of eating out every day has become much of a normal daily activity. With more and more people choosing to eat out at restaurants, the number of restaurants in every country is constantly increasing.

Why we love to eat out?  Its because our lives are becoming hectic, we are becoming more and more workaholic and hardly get time to cook food at home. Even if we take out time to cook food in our very own kitchen, the after work of washing utensils, cleaning kitchen and going to market for buying vegetables and spices freak us out thoroughly. Thus, a meal outside to satisfy our hunger is always welcome.

best restaurants in Karachi
Image Courtsey : www.karachista.com
No doubt that these food outlets are unremittingly doing their best to provide good deals to their customers so as to make their name in the market and to grab more and more customers. Every day we get to see new coupons, free offers and deals from restaurants on newspapers and magazines, sometimes these restaurants send messages to their frequent visitors to offer them special offers.
No wonder why this trend is sweeping the world and making eating out and trying new restaurants every day our habit.  So, get ready to ask your friends and family out for a yummy dinner at the nearby restaurant.

Image courtsey : eatingoutkarachi.blogspot.com

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Living in Pakistan

Changes are eternal in our life. Is it true? Of course YES!

Ever since the world started to develop and the concept of globalization has affected every human tremendously, our lives are modifying. With changing lifestyle, our daily needs have also taken a huge step forward, thus reckoning us totally on upcoming technologies.  Undoubtedly the old system of searching contact information and address details from big yellow pages books and newspapers is changing gradually and slowly but surely and certainly.

Pakistan is the multi-ethnic and populous country located in South Asia. It is among the places which are actually experiencing a huge difference in their everyday living style in the past couple of decades. With an advance technical and scientific inventions, international trade and developments, this country is experiencing a vast change. Now people are not confined to their locality’s territory, staying unaware of the rest of the world or their own country. With the invention of press, radio, media and more importantly- the internet, they stay up-to-date about every little thing happening round-the-globe.

The internet not only helps you to reach out to the world, but also helps you to locate any business in your own country. Be it emergency services, general stores,  dentists, boutiques, travel agents, pizza outlets, mobile stores, IT services or fuel stations, you can locate everything in Pakistan with www.kuchv.com exclusive services.

This new technology in Pakistan helps its locals to get contact information and locate outlets of products and services they have been looking for in any part of the country’s territory. Its easy to operate search engine and 24*7 available staff helps you round-the-clock with any  information you need. Language is not a barrier when it comes to searching for your query with kuchv, as the websites customer care department has multi-lingual staff with years of experience in customer support. Search engine used on the website is advanced, yet is easy to operate and doesn’t require special knowledge about making searches. The search results are provided to you by SMS’s or e-mail.

If you are a national of Pakistan and looking for contact details or want to locate any store near by your location, then you can visit www.kuchv.com or call 080058248 for 24*7 available customer support, from anywhere in Pakistan.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Changing food trends with fast food outlets

There was a time when we use to crave for pizza and burger, which we constantly get to see on our television sets.  But now our craving for the scrumptious fast food could easily be satisfied with the availability of international fast food stores in our city.

The phenomena of Globalization, which has brought the entire world under one roof and made it easier for us to actually taste the cheesy pizza from dominos, shop at the huge malls with international brands and use our credit card at any corner of the world, have made our life much comfortable.

Started in the second half of the 20th century, Globalization is the reason why we are living at such an ease. Increase in the trend of hotels, fast food outlets and food chains made it our habit to eat out at least once or twice in a week. These food  chains are constantly working on making our ordering experience convenient by introducing online ordering services, giving us some special discount during festivals, exclusive promotions etc.

Image courtsey: www.unitedking.com
We are always advised by our parents and doctors to get a nutrition mix diet to keep us healthy and going in this fast pace world. But, these ready to eat fast food helps us to save time during our busiest days. No one can deny the bad effects of the processed food, but once in a while for that yummy taste it is always excused.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Importance of education and educational institutes

Education remoulds us as a responsible human being. Be it our day-to-day life etiquettes or desirable career growth, education teaches us how to reach our target of career growth. It makes us presentable in front of the world. People nowadays give ample amount of time and do enough of homework  when it comes to finding a suitable school or college for their kids. Those who are not much educated face a lot of problems in their life due to their inability to read and write. Frankly speaking, there are not much of human’s  who succeeded in their life without being educated.

educational institutes in Pakistan
Image courtesy : shahidksiddiqui.blogspot.com
Pakistan is constantly giving its best when it comes to education and development of the country.  It produces about 445,000 university graduates and 10,000 computer science graduates per year. Many new educational institutes and school are dotting here, which are making education an important right for every child. Some reputed university’s located in Pakistan are- Quaid-e-Azam University, Aga Khan University, University of Peshawar, University of Punjab, GIKI University Peshawar, Karakoram International University Gilgit  and Nishtar Medical College.

For students who are about to take admissions, kindly compare best of colleges first, and then enroll yourself, as it will shape your future to good or bad. Make sure you go through the fees structure and accordingly let any institute define what you would become after a couple of years.

Friday, 21 March 2014

We and Electronics

Humans have come to a long way. From generating fire by rubbing two stones to making handy I-pads, and reaching the world with just a click, electronics and internet has brought us way too forward in our life by holding our fingers and making us totally dependent on itself. Today be it a middle class family or some business tycoon, we all are slaves to electronics. Our day starts with some gadget and ends with other. Right from our bathroom to our kitchens, electronics have become our necessity.

Image Courtsey: www.riverstoneelectronics.com.au
Our very good friend- mobile phone is also a gift given to us by this electronically advance era, with which we can stay close to our loved ones living at some other corner of the globe.  Sending messages, playing games and GPS services are just an icing on the cake. The best part about this epoch is that these gadgets help us save lots of time and help us to stay entertained when we are free. Watching your favorite show series, to beating the heat by turning of Air-conditioners, chopping vegetables by using food processors to brewing your energetic cup of coffee, have you ever given a thought that how addictive we are to these machines?

 What really impresses me as a customer is the ability of small memory cards and pen drives to store more than 10-20 GB of information. Electronics without a doubt have raised our standards of living. Imagine living a life without electricity, mobile phones, computers, television, etc. just a thought of this has given you lot of tension and discomfort, right? But, don’t worry, as nobody is taking these facilities away from you. In fact we, humans are working continuously to make our life easier by bringing more advance gadgets in the market.

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